Custom Designs

Blu Bear Bazaar is officially offering
CUSTOM DESIGN requests! 

Since opening the shop, BBB has received several requests for custom designs whether it be for a blog or a book related design. It's a lot of fun to work with you guys on a design that YOU'LL love. You can use a product that reps the blog you work so hard on or a book that you absolutely love - knowing that you are the only one who has that design!

The designs in the store give you an idea of what type of work I can do. Also, here are a few examples of custom work that has already been done:


So, if you're looking for something custom,
there is a form below that you can fill out! 

Some more information:

  • Once you submit the form, you should receive a confirmation within 48-72 hours. If for some reason you haven't, send an email to
  • It typically takes 1-2 weeks for a design to be completed
  • I will send drafts as I go along for you to approve or request revisions
  • You can get the design on ANY product offered in the store
  • The price for the design will be the price of the PRODUCT you want it on + the CUSTOM DESIGN price. Right now, rates start at $30.00 USD for a custom design - which is a ONE-TIME payment. For example:

Price for custom design: $30.00
Price for ONE tote: $20.00
Total: $50.00

If you want another tote (or any product) with the same design, the price would just be $20.00 (or whatever the price of that item is on the store).

  • Price does not include tax (if you live in California, USA) or shipping rates.