Our First Cubs! (brand reps)

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Our First Cubs! (brand reps)

Last week I held the first ever rep search and we've finally chosen our first round of reps!

Reps at Blu Bear Bazaar are called cubs. Why? Well, the correlation is pretty obvious but it's more than just a title. They're called cubs because they're part of the Blu Bear Bazaar family. They're not chosen because they have the most followers or the prettiest pictures - although, that is a factor in the choosing process - they're chosen because they are active in the community, they show enthusiasm for helping a new brand out, and they're creative.

So, without further ado, meet the newest Cubs! 

 Meet Ashleigh! (@afrolicthroughfiction)

 Ashleigh lives in England and has the prettiest accent ever (seriously, follow her on snapchat). She's been reading ever since she could remember and loves it because it opens her eyes to other worlds, attitudes, and opinions.

I chose her as a cub because she is one of the sweetest people in this community and loves to interact with others. She's also been a huge supporter of Blu Bear Bazaar since day one. Thank you, Ashleigh! I look forward to seeing what pretty, creative, and bright photos you take to represent the designs.

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram & her blog

 Meet Rachel! (@beautyandthebookshelf)

 Rachel is from beautiful Washington, USA. Just like Genesis and I, Twilight was the book that made her become a bookworm. She loves to read because she loves to immerse herself in a myriad of worlds, befriending and loving characters, and going on adventures! She volunteers at a zoo (I wonder if she helps the bears?!) and has had basically every color hair you could think of.

I chose Rachel because I absolutely admire the effort she puts into her photos. No matter what theme she has, she always takes the most beautiful shots! I mean, she even painted her arm one time for an ACOTAR photo. If that's not commitment, I don't know what is. I can't wait to see what she does with Blu Bear Bazaar designs!

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, & her blog

 Meet L! (@thelovelyshelf)

 L lives in Tennessee, USA. She loves to read because books can take her all over the world, into different universes, and more without ever having to leave home. She can't remember when she realized she loved to read, she just always has. Also, she has two pet rats -- which, by the way, rats are one of the best pets you could ever have! Don't hate on rats. 

I chose L because I thought her photos represented Blu Bear Bazaar perfectly: outdoorsy and fall colors. Seeing our designs out in the wilderness on her Instagram will be amazing!

Follow her on Instagram & her blog!


There you have it! Those are Blu Bear Bazaar's very first cubs! They're all sweethearts so make sure you follow them! I can't wait to see what they do to represent Blu Bear Bazaar!






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