Blu Gives Back - A Product With A Cause

Blu Gives Back - A Product With A Cause

This is an idea that I have had since I first decided to open this shop so I am incredibly happy to finally be able to share it! 

If you don't know, I also run a blog at Molly's Book Nook (because my name is Molly & I was super creative when I started). Anywho, over on my book blog, I have a monthly feature titled Authorly Love in which I shine a spotlight on a new indie or small press author every month. A few months ago I received a book for review, loved it, and have decided to feature said book & author for the month of November. 

That book is Aftermath by Clara Kensie. Here is some information on Aftermath:

 Synopsis: Charlotte dreamed of her family every day of her captivity in the attic of a kidnapper: in fact, thinking of them, happy and whole, was her only comfort. When she escapes, its to a stunning loss: that family has fallen apart. Mom and dad are divorced, and her sister is a drugged-out delinquent, and while mom treats Charlotte like a rare orchid, her father wants her to get out there and do a lecture tour. Worst of all, Charlotte can't prove what she knows is true -- that there was another victim. And that girl never got a second chance to live.

This is a beautiful story that had me in tears. Something that stood out was a repeated phrase throughout the story, used in several variations. This phrase was and has been a reminder for me that not everyone has the chance to live the life I live. That could be because of their financial circumstances, their mental health, or maybe they're not even with us anymore to experience life at all. Since I've finished this novel, the phrase means something even more for me as I lost a very close friend recently. What is the phrase?

We need to live our lives to the fullest, we need to be grateful for what we have, because there are those who don't have the opportunity, or be with us in life, at all. It's that phrase and my personal experience that inspired this idea.  So, what it is? 

At Blu Bear Bazaar, I'm committed to being a responsible business. That started with my commitment to products made in America, and it now continues with Blu Gives Back. I've taken that phrase, created a design, put it on two products. However, a portion of my profits from each sale will go towards one of two organizations. Here is some information on the organizations the donations would go to:

  • RAINN - RAINN stands for Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE, & in partnership with more than 1,000 local sexual assault service providers across the country and operates the DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defense. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help victims, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.
  • Missing KidsThe National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® is a non—profit corporation whose mission is to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization.

Both of these organizations are at the end of Aftermath for readers to use and they both do important work. So, for every sale of either Aftermath products, a portion of my profit will be given to the organization of your choosing. 

So, what does the design look like and what products is it offered on? Here are the images of the products:

You can get it on either the all-over-tote or the pillow! 

I hope this is something that will help spread awareness to both organizations, their causes, and the idea that we should live our lives to the absolute fullest, always filled with happiness and drive.

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